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Taco Bell Saves Its First-Ever Location From Demolition

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The Downey edifice will get moved over to their Irvine headquarters.

Taco Bell's first-ever location in Downey
Taco Bell's first-ever location in Downey
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Taco Bell's first-ever stand, a humble shack in Downey, will get a full preservation and relocation to the company's Irvine headquarters on November 19. The 53-year old building, which is affectionately referred to as "Numero Uno" by the fast food company, will be saved from demolition.

Founder Glen Bell first opened his namesake restaurant in Downey back in 1962, with a 400 square foot walk-up window that helped bring Mexican-inspired food to the far reaches of the earth. Taco Bell shuttered this location in 1986 because the building lacked a drive thru and didn't have any interior seating. From 1986 until 2014, other taquerias had operated inside the building. A new development on the plot of land threatened to tear down the remaining edifice before the fast food company decided to keep it for posterity.

On November 19 at 10:30 p.m., the 20 by 20 foot building will travel through multiple cities and arrive at headquarters by Friday morning. The actual rehabilitation and ultimate landing spot is still to be determined, but Taco Bell plans to involve fans in the process. Though this isn't exactly the space shuttle taking a slow troll through Los Angeles, onlookers are encouraged to check out the building's move along the way.