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Kogi's LAX Lonchero Truck Transformed Into a Border Grill Overnight

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It's all part of the plan, as they say.

Bad news for travelers hoping to get an immediate fix of Kogi BBQ’s iconic short rib tacos after deplaning at LAX: it appears that the faux taco truck setup inside Terminal 4 is no longer Kogi-branded.

Instead, as the above photo shows, the truck has been completely wrapped in Border Grill imagery. The turnaround happened fast too, with the Border Grill outfit soft-open this past weekend — apparently the new crew was getting trained up still. As of today, a full-time collection of Border Grill favorites will be available for travelers.

So what gives? Well, apparently the Kogi LAX stint was always meant to be short-lived, with the team behind the LAX revamp plotting to move in new concepts to the truck every six months to a year. That’s a surprising fact that apparently wasn’t widely discussed upon inception, but the Border Grill folks apparently have known for at least a little while that this sort of switcheroo was in the works. And, soon enough, they’ll be gone in favor of yet another brand name — maybe Mariscos Jalisco this time?

Kogi BBQ Food Truck

Moving Target!, Southern California, CA

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