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LA's Chengdu Taste Expands Again, This Time All the Way to Vegas's Chinatown

This is Tony Xu's fourth Chengdu Taste outlet, after opening three in LA's San Gabriel Valley.

Chengdu Taste, Las Vegas
Chengdu Taste, Las Vegas

After the opening a third Chengdu Taste in LA's San Gabriel Valley, Tony Xu seemed rather tired, promising not to open any expansions outside of the area. Though a Las Vegas outpost was long part of the rumor mill, Xu opened a fourth outlet of his Chengdu Taste concept, this time in Sin City's Chinatown.

Unlike the Chicago's Tony Hu, who opened Lao Sze Chuan at the Palms, Tony Xu's ambition for Vegas were far less grandiose, opting for a more humble Chinatown locale. The previous restaurant at this slot, Hunan Jiu Jia, was flipped into Chengdu Taste in less than a month. It all makes a bit of sense, as many consider Hunanese cuisine to be somewhat related, if not heavily influenced, by Sichuanese flavors.

Also unlike Lao Sze Chuan at the Palms, Chengdu Taste's menu will replicate much of what brought the Sichuan restaurant's cuisine to national fame from its Los Angeles outlets. Look for Chengdu's homegrown specialties of bang bang chicken, couple's sliced beef, green chili chicken, diced rabbit with younger sister's secret sauce, and the "sorrowful" mung bean noodles. As always, skip the proverbial "water boiled" proteins and go straight for the various "mao cai", a symbolic spicy Chengdu casserole, typically shared family style, that is a dish of pride to many Chengdu city locals.

Chengdu Taste
3950 Schiff Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89103