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Ilan Hall's Vegan Noodle Shop Ramen Hood Lands at Grand Central Market

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And the wrapping is off.

Ramen Hood, Grand Central Market
Ramen Hood, Grand Central Market
Farley Elliott

Here's your first look at Ramen Hood, the punnily-named vegan ramen option from The Gorbals's Ilan Hall. Situated towards the Broadway end of the open-air market, the long shop takes some prime real estate near Bombo, Eggslut, and the soon-to-open Knead & Co. pasta bar from Bruce Kalman.

Expect the unusual here — that's sort of Hall's forte, isn't it? — as the entirely plant-based menu relies on a backbone broth made using, in part, sunflower seeds. There will also be 'vegan eggs' and other non-ramen takes like banh mi poutine and a tofu al pastor. Rahul Khopkar will run the day-to-day at the market stall.

Ramen Hood officially opens for business this Wednesday, with initial hours slated for 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Update: The opening for Ramen Hood has been has been delayed, for now, with no official timetable.

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