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NY Famous Deli Taking Over Brownstone Pizzeria in Eagle Rock

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The hand-sliced deli is opening on December 1.

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The former Brownstone Pizzeria
The former Brownstone Pizzeria
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Brownstone Pizzeria, a longtime Eagle Rock slice joint, has fallen by the wayside and will soon make way for NY Famous Deli. The humble shop, which has been making solid hand-sliced deli sandwiches, will open by December 1 on Colorado Blvd. The previous location was in a strip mall a few minutes away and it was almost impossible to find.

This new space should give it plenty of new visibility, with hand-sliced pastrami and deli meats that might be on par with some of the better delis around town. The menu extends to matzo ball soup, burgers, and barbecue beef sandwiches, for someone who wants more variety.

It's uncertain when exactly Brownstone closed, but the last Yelp reviews for the place were from August 2015. Pour one out for a rather solid New York-style slice joint in the Eastside.