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Scratch Bar Slated for December 1 Opening in Encino After Passing Final Inspections

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Phillip Frankland Lee's tasting menu restaurant has begun accepting reservations.

Phillip Frankland Lee at Scratch Bar Encino
Phillip Frankland Lee at Scratch Bar Encino
Matthew Kang is the Lead Editor of Eater LA. He has covered dining, restaurants, food culture, and nightlife in Los Angeles since 2008. He's the host of K-Town, a YouTube series covering Korean food in America, and has been featured in Netflix's Street Food show.

Phillip Frankland Lee's Scratch Bar, which first found a home in Beverly Hills before finding better waters out in Encino, is finally ready to open after passing its final inspections yesterday. That means Lee is aiming toward a December 1 debut on the second floor of a strip mall along Ventura Blvd.

The build out process has been more difficult than expected, with a 12 foot brick hearth going into the kitchen that might've caused some delays. In a twist, Lee will operate Scratch Bar without the use of any front of house service staff, which means only kitchen staff and cooks will be responsible for running plates to diners. The space itself, according to the LA Times, will have about 20 seats at the kitchen counter and boast a 12-seat communal table.

Phillip Frankland Lee is slated to debut on the upcoming season of Top Chef. He and his wife Margarita also run Eater Essential 38 pick The Gadarene Swine in Studio City.

Meanwhile, the original Scratch Bar location, which masqueraded as the Phillip Frankland Lee edition for a while, is now on the market as an event venue.

Scratch Bar Encino
16101 Ventura Blvd., #255
Encino, CA