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Yealang Smith's Eight-Year Hollywood Project Soul Might Actually Open in Early 2016

For real this time.

Eric Stoltz

Do you remember Soul, the healthy soul food concept by private chef Yealang Smith? We almost didn't either, as news first broke on the Hollywood Boulevard concept back in 2007. The on-again-off-again project seemed like it was on track back in 2012, but with no new news on the project until two months ago, when Eater LA reported an ABC License was posted on the space with talk of serious construction going on inside.

Well it seems like the restaurant might actually come to life, with a resident of the building reporting kitchen fixture deliveries, with Yealang herself claiming it would open at the beginning of the 2016.

Given Soul's history, it is best to take the slated opening date with a grain of salt, but we all cross our fingers for what could be a great addition to a neighborhood that could always use more compelling places to eat.

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