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Eagle Rock Office Building Wants to Sell 4,500 Square Foot Restaurant Space

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Is this the home of your new dream restaurant?

5015 Eagle Rock Boulevard
5015 Eagle Rock Boulevard
The Eastsider

Has it been your lifelong dream to open a massive restaurant on the Eastside? Well you're in luck, the new owners of the office building on the corner of Eagle Rock Boulevard and Merton Avenue at 5015 Eagle Rock Boulevard are trying to add an expansive, two-level eatery to the Citibank building.

According to The Eastsider, a posting on LoopNet and a permit application filed with the Building & Safety Department show plans for a 4,500 square foot restaurant with a divisible 1,125 square foot mezzanine and negotiable full liquor CUP. T.I. allowance. The owners are asking for a whopping $15,000 a month for the space that could potentially fare well as an all-day-eatery-type office building restaurant similar to the IAC building's Estrella.

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