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A Close Look at GCM's Las Morelianas, Cake Monkey Storefront Details, and More A.M. Intel

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Plus a switcheroo at Now Boarding and a closure in Little Tokyo.

Now Boarding, West Hollywood
Now Boarding, West Hollywood

New look for Now Boarding

The flight-themed West Hollywood bar has turned over a new leaf (and gotten a new exterior look in the process, as shown above). There's a redone bar menu, new weekly live events, and an ongoing Monday night industry night.

More on that coming Cake Monkey opening

Eater heard news from LA Mag about the long-gestating Cake Monkey storefront in September, but now the LA Times has more details, including some opening menu items, a bit of background, and an opening date — November 11.

Cold Rush closes in Little Tokyo

Open just over a year, Cold Rush shaved ice in Little Tokyo is packing it in. A closed/relocation notice is up on their social media channels, and paperwork at the front of the space says they're moving on to new digs in Silver Lake somewhere, but that build-out will take some time.

The hopes and dreams of Las Morelianas

Michoacan carnitas makers Las Morelianas have been at Grand Central Market for nearly a decade, handing out porky free samples all day long while keeping things as authentic to their own regional Mexican heritage as possible. LA Downtowner offers a quick look at all that hard work in action.

Banh mi strip mall dominance in Southern California

Munchies goes to bat for the beloved banh mi, espousing the San Gabriel Valley, along with Little Saigon and spots in Orange County, as a great place to get the iconic sandwich. Along the way, they even talk to Nguyen Tran from Button Mash/Starry Kitchen about his favorite banh mi options.

L.A. Taco checks out Trois Familia

It's a bit out of their wheelhouse, but the L.A. Taco team stopped into new Silver Lake brunch spot Trois Familia to check it out. Yes, they got the double-decker potato taco.

Night + Market WeHo does happy hour

The more westerly location of Kris Yenbamroong’s popular Thai restaurant is now doing happy hour, per an email sent around yesterday. From 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Friday you can get $3 beers, half-off some wines and snacks for $5 to $8. Dang.

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