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Bulletproof Brings Hot Butter Coffee Insanity to the Arts District Next

Can butter-infused morning coffee save your life, Downtowners?

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One Santa Fe
One Santa Fe
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Anyone desperate to really butter up their next cup of coffee has mostly only had Santa Monica to retreat to, as the stalwart shop Bulletproof Coffee landed their flagship location out that way on Main Street earlier this year. Well, good news health fad aficionados: there’s more Bulletproof coming, this time into the Arts District.

As if the Downtown enclave for all things hip weren’t already overflowing with caffeine options — and healthy-ish cafes and eateries to boot — already, here comes David Asprey pseudo-scientific morning butter coffee stop. Per LA Weekly, the new biohacking morning lab will land at One Santa Fe, nearby Cafe Gratitude no less.

Of course, there’s still lots of evidence to support the idea that Bulletproof coffee is a bunch of mostly harmless bunk, though Asprey stands by his claims that a cup of the stuff in the morning will help aid metabolism and even lead to weight loss. Regardless of the science, the popularity of their shop in Santa Monica bodes well for their proposed success in the Arts District, which carries with it a certain similar holistic vibe.

Look for Bulletproof Coffee Arts District to open early next year.

Bulletproof Coffee
300 Santa Fe
Los Angeles, CA

Bulletproof Coffee

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