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Stellar Sausages and Iffy Service Charges at BierBeisl Imbiss

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The casual Austrian eatery gets the Good News Bad News treatment.

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BierBeisl Imbiss
BierBeisl Imbiss
Wonho Frank Lee

Welcome to Good News/Bad News on BierBeisl Imbiss, Bernhard Mairinger's new Austrian eatery in the Spring Arcade Downtown. Yelpers and critics alike have plenty of great things to say about the restaurant's outstanding sausages and housemade pastries, but just about everyone is annoyed with the service fee that comes with the counter service set up. So what's the overall word?

Damn, those sausages are good

"BierBeisl's were the best sausages in town before he closed in Beverly Hills, and they're the best sausages in town now that he's reopened here." [LAW]

"First up was the Käsekrainer, arguably my favorite sausage of the night, combining meat and cheese into one snappy, immensely savory, satisfying package with a lingering finish of Emmental. Of course, the turkey brat wasn't nearly as decadent, but was still delicious, with a great herby quality to it that paired well with the subtle character of the bird." [kevinEats]

"The Kaesekrainer, a swiss cheese-infused Polish sausage made with pork and beef, is delightfully decadent, satisfying both a craving for savory and sweet." [TimeOut]

But where is everyone?

"Even when you venture down the big breezeway — the kind of retail area that used to be a common feature of most downtowns and is made for foot traffic — it's so quiet and deserted-feeling, you're not quite sure you're in the right place." [LAW]

"The Austrian eatery from chef Bernhard Mairinger [...] is nestled into the Spring Arcade Building, a location that has yet to garner a healthy amount of foot traffic." [TimeOut]

The pastries are on point

"Check out and take home some of the pastries. I always buy extras because they never seem to make it home. They call and tantalize me from the bag and are eaten in the car while transporting them." [TripAdvisor]

"We had some wurst and crowned our meal with a delicious Kaiserschmarrn. We also brought some bread to take home and it was so tasty, we were fighting over it!" [Yelp]

"The pastries are simply gorgeous and mouthwatering. I am a total sucker for the Nutella/Hazelnut Croissant. YOWSERS!" [Yelp]

That service surcharge is annoying

"It's an order-from-the-counter situation, which makes sense for breakfast and lunch, when office workers are looking for a quick turnaround, but feels odd at dinner. The one time I tried to bring in a large group, the act of ordering for that many people was tricky — how to keep seven people's needs in my head, then deliver that order to the cashier, without taking notes? Do I really want to act as waitress, especially when I'm paying an automatic 15 percent service fee?" [LAW]

"A 15% service charge is automatically added to the bill—a charge that might make more sense if there was much service involved. But there isn't: diners order at the counter, pour water for themselves, find their own table and only interact with servers when food is brought out. I know these added charges are becoming more common, but a supplemental service charge when the service is more akin to a cafeteria line than a sit-down restaurant doesn't jive well." [TimeOut]

"Add the mandatory 15% service charge (which in my mind is a bit out of control given that the level of service provided here is about the same as you'll get at your local taco truck), and the 10% tax levied by our wonderful county, and my total bill came to over $17." [Yelp]

Bier Beisl Imbiss

541 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (213) 935-8035

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