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Luv2Eat Remodels in Hollywood, Providence Gets a Service Smackdown, and More

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Plus a field guide for regional Chinese food in Los Angeles.

The Bellwether, Studio City
The Bellwether, Studio City
Wonho Frank Lee

A less-than-positive Providence experience

Lost somewhere in the editing of that slick package from the Washington Post about L.A.'s nationally-recognized food scene is a tidbit from reviewer Tom Sietsema about his meal at Providence. Or, rather, his lack of meal, as the anonymous eater felt so cold-shouldered at the bar he gave up eating altogether and left the restaurant. He recounts the story (and the restaurant's response) in his grab-bag question and answer column here.

Luv2Eat in the midst of a remodel

The Hollywood Thai food hotspot has garnered an insane following of late, which makes their sudden week-long remodel (October 31 through November 6) seem so strange. Maybe they're just trying to build-out more room for the lines of customers who keep thronging the Hollywood strip mall, waiting for a seat? Food Talk Central has photos of the 'closed for remodel' signage, which says they should be back up and running by this Friday.

Some of the best in the biz

Chef Eduardo Ruiz from Corazon y Miel shares this photo from last night's Jonathan Gold 101 Best Restaurants launch party, which features everyone from Wes Avila of Guerrilla Tacos to Carlos Salgado of Taco Maria, and even includes the La Casita Mexicana crew.


A photo posted by Eddie Ruiz (@eddiemunstr) on

What to know about L.A.'s Chinese food scene — including where to eat

First We Feast has put together a pretty large layout dedicated to all things Chinese food in and around Los Angeles. Separated into regions, there's loads to look at and learn, plus address and details on where, specifically, to experience the stuff you're reading about.

smoke.oil.salt. starts brunching this Sunday

Well, it’s a ‘tapas’ brunch, but you should expect the same level of eggs benedict and steak and eggs as anywhere else. Of course, this is Spanish food done through the lens of newish consulting chef Ricardo Zarate, so really anything’s possible. Brunch runs Sunday only, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Fried chicken nights at The Bellwether

Starting Monday night, the burgeoning Studio City restaurant The Bellwether will be rocking fried chicken deals. It’s proven a popular idea for other places like Little Beast in Eagle Rock and Ledlow Downtown over the years, so why not go the half Mary’s fried chicken with slaw and a beer route? Not a bad deal for $18, especially when you consider there’s an all night happy hour as well.

No servers, all brick at Scratch Bar Encino

Phillip Frankland Lee is now taking reservations for a December 1 unveiling of his Encino-ized Scratch Bar concept, which has had quite the odd journey since initially closing in Beverly Hills. According to the LA Times, the new iteration won’t actually have any servers at all, just kitchen staff (Lee included) who also serve. And the heart of this open-style dining arrangement? A 12-foot brick life-fire hearth weighing north of 5,000 pounds that Lee helped design.

Though the 'other' Scratch Bar is magically still around

Yep, it seems the saga continues after all. Despite going essentially dark and stiffing customers in the process, a slew of re-opening announcements have now circulated indicating that something must have turned around inside. It's just that no one's quite sure what, or (still) how it all fits in with the other Scratch Bar that's coming up quite soon.

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