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Ddeokbooki Specialist YUP DDUK LA and Modern Korean Barbeque Player KOW Hit Koreatown

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More good things come to the tasty neighborhood.


Koreatown gets a spicy dduk specialist

YUP DDUK LA, a Korean brand with two locations in New York, soft opened in Koreatown last week. The ddeokbokki, Korean rice cakes in a sweet and spicy gochujang sauce, specialist has a tight menu that includes large bowls of the spicy snack along with toppings to go with it.

A word of caution, the ddeokbooki here is not for the weak palate. Spiciness levels come in mild, original, and "challenge," and word has it that even the mild is hot enough to render tears. Toppings like mozzarella cheese and dumplings can help mitigate the heat, but be sure to order a cooling smoothie to extinguish any fires.

Only soft opened, YUP DDUK has been suffering from a few service hiccups and continues to run out of its popular headlining dish, so be sure to come early before lines form.

3603 W 6th ST
Los Angeles, CA 90020

And a modern Korean barbeque spot

Koreatown's now shuttered Sonagi has been flipped into KOW, another Korean barbeque joint. This one is more upscale than the last iteration, with prices to match. It is the standard set up here, with plenty of banchan and meat combos that range from $44.99 for two to $149.99 for five to six people, along with standard a la carte options.

Also available are lunch specials that are served until 3 pm. Early favorites include KOW's naengmyun, cold chewy noodles popular in the summer months.

With a modern setting and a focus on quality meats, KOW could be a major competitor in the saturated Korean barbeque game.

2585 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90006

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