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Nigella Lawson Chats Up L.A., Coffee Pop-Ups Abound, and More A.M. Intel

Plus Bruce Kalman makes more spaghetti, and a secret Filipino pop-up.

Love & Salt, Manhattan Beach
Love & Salt, Manhattan Beach
Wonho Frank Lee

Nigella Lawson comes to L.A.

The British food television personality will be speaking at the Crest Theatre in Westwood on Thursday, November 12. The plan is to mostly discuss her new cookbook, but she'll also be chatting up LA Times columnist Russ Parsons, ostensibly about the state of food and produce in California and beyond.

Free Cafe Bustelo is back

The globally-popular coffeemaker returns to Los Angeles next week with a new series of freebie pop-ups, this time starting all day Thursday, November 12 at Graffiti Cafe on La Brea. They’ll be dishing out gratis espresso drinks, creating a cozy lounge area complete with WiFi, and apparently dropping off both a DJ and a photo booth. Not ideal for working, let’s say, but if you just want a free cup of coffee it could be fun.

But first, Go Get ‘Em Tiger

Can’t wait for next week to get some pop-up coffee? Go Get ‘Em Tiger has you covered with a one-off coffee experience landing at Arclight Hollywood on Sunday to help celebrate the launch of new documentary Barista. The whole thing runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will include cuppings and demonstrations, followed by a screening of the film at 4:30 p.m. sharp.

Resy heads to Union

Eater co-founder Ben Leventhal's reservation system Resy has pulled together a little featurette on Bruce Kalman and the pastas at Union. Leventhal chats with the chef as he makes his renowned spaghetti alla chitarra.

Secret Eating in Manhattan Beach

Dig MB has compiled a list of off-menu surprises at some of Manhattan Beach's most popular restaurants, from Doma Kitchen to Love & Salt. No real secret here, though: a lot of the off-menu options are actually just fancy burgers.

Your next international Filipino dinner

Tomorrow night only, chef Yana Gilbuena will be looking up a $65 per person nose-to-tail pig feast at an undisclosed locale in North Hollywood. Called Katawan as part of the SALO dinner series, the ongoing pop-up series has been traveling North America since 2014, but now will head to Central and South America for a run, making this the only L.A. chance to dine with the team.

The never-ending bowl brigade

The rise of açai bowls continues, with news that Bay Area healthy-eating concept Vitality Bowls is expanding into Southern California with more than a dozen shop locations. No word on the first address, but expect them to start popping up everywhere soon.

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