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Nyesha Arrington Gets Teary-Eyed Just Thinking About Her Venice Restaurant Leona

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Watch the Top Chef contestant talk about her love for the place.

It's easy to understand why a chef might get a bit emotional when discussing their beautiful new restaurant, what with all the hard work, endlessly long nights, and moving parts involved. Just ask Nyesha Arrington, the beloved chef behind Venice's Leona.

In this video from the Tastemade team, Arrington hits the usual benchmarks: plucking ingredients from the ground while talking to a farmer, hitting the Santa Monica farmers market to scout for produce, calling out orders as they come into the kitchen. But there's something happier happening in the video here, as the always-smiling chef works through her average week.

Arrington ultimately comes off as affable and kind, the sort of person who has been given the opportunity to open the place of their dreams. And it's a situation she clearly doesn't take lightly. Check out the video above.


123 Washington Blvd, Venice, CA 90292 (310) 822-5379 Visit Website

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