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Iron Triangle Brewing Could Drastically Change the LA Craft Beer Landscape

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And they've got a big-name head brewer running things.

Inside Iron Triangle Brewing
Inside Iron Triangle Brewing
Iron Triangle

Though Downtown’s craft beer brewery scene continues to shift into higher and higher gears — welcome to the machine, Arts District Brewing — there’s still one souped up name to come. Iron Triangle Brewing, which made noise this spring for the sheer audacity its bringing to the neighborhood, is closer than ever to opening, and it’s going to change the way people drink in the Arts District.

Owner Nathan Pacetti has been slaloming through the myriad city checkpoints since early summer, breaking ground on the first portion of his massive 40,000 square foot facility, which is housed in a former raw warehouse space that dates to 1905. In fact, Pacetti designed much of the space himself (the overhead wooden bow trusses and brickwork are original, of course), including a black cherrywood bar that will have room for 16 taps.

The ultimate Iron Triangle plan is to expand into the neighboring facilities over time. Pacetti owns a nice chunk of the whole block, which is situated just steps away from Church & State. There’s going to be room for a full-fledged restaurant, retail space, the taproom, and lots of on-site brewing. There will even be brewery tours on the weekends.

As for capacity, the so-called "phase one" plan from Pacetti is now complete, which means the brewery can produce anywhere between 10,000 and 13,000 barrels annually. The tasting room will easily seat 100 people over 1,500 square feet of space currently, though that number will also increase with time as new phases roll out.

The beer itself is being overseen by one Darren Moser, the former brewmaster at Maui Brewing Company, which is a big get for the fledgeling operation. Moser brings a wealth of high-capacity brewing knowledge, and is a well-known name within the industry.

Back in April, Pacetti outlined a strong-willed plan to potentially become the biggest craft beer producer in the county, but with Golden Road’s recent purchase by AB InBev — and their ability to quickly scale — that may no longer be feasible. Instead, Pacetti is focusing on bringing quality beer to market as soon as possible, cementing himself as one of the largest independently-owned breweries in Los Angeles. And it couldn’t come at a better time.

Look for Iron Triangle Brewing to soft open in the coming weeks, with a full grand opening party likely slated for early 2016.

Iron Triangle Brewing
1581 Industrial St.
Los Angeles, CA

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