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Casbah Cafe No Longer Rocking in Silver Lake

Anyone know where they went?

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Sad news for Silver Lakers, as it looks like the long-running Casbah Cafe nearby Sunset Junction is closed. No news was immediately given for the shutter.

Locals were surprised to find the all-day eatery quietly gated up a few days back, with a prominent For Sale sign attached to the front. Known for its casual vibe, quirky interior, and long hours, the coffee shop space was a staple for anyone looking to sit around with a laptop or meet up for an easy lunch.

Yelp is now reporting the place as closed, but even the folks there are asking around about the possible cause. Eater reached out for comment but so far hasn’t heard back. Also, no word on what, if anything, this will mean for that super weird sometimes-open-maybe-who-knows spot The Hoover.

Casbah Café

3900 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029 (323) 664-7000 Visit Website

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