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Jessica Biel's Kid-Friendly Au Fudge Restaurant Set for Mid-January Opening on Melrose

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Drink, eat and play at the new West Hollywood spot

Au Fudge Sign
Au Fudge Sign

Jessica Biel and partner Estee Stanley's Au Fudge, which was first announced earlier this year, is finally tracking toward an opening date in mid-January 2016 after a nearly two year build out. The kid-friendly restaurant, which will serve full liquor for adults who bring the little tykes along, takes over the former Smoke steakhouse on Melrose Avenue.

A new sign currently illuminates the street and makes way for a completely redone exterior and interior. The interior appointments take on marble tables and countertops while the space is divided into indoor and outdoor dining areas. There's two main dining rooms plus a space reserved for kids, which should make it easier for diners to come and let the kids roam free while the parents have a night out. Hey, it saves on babysitter costs. No word on whether people without children can enjoy the restaurant.

Au Fudge plans to serve morning to evening, with cappuccinos and pastries in the morning. For the kids, think a large creative space for children to participate in activities like fingerprinting T-shirts. In addition to sweets, they'll have fudge (naturally), ice cream, and salads. The overall feel is similar to Joan's on Third (the original one), with a casual marketplace vibe, and healthy, organic dishes that cater to the West Hollywood clientele.

As mentioned previously, while the whole place isn't exclusive club a la Soho House, though given the kind of environment, it won't exactly be the kind of restaurant for everyone either. Chef Vic Casanova (Gusto, Pistola) was originally slated to put together the menu, but has since left the project.

Au Fudge
9010 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90048