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38 Degrees Expands to Monrovia, Firestone Walker Inches Closer in Venice, and More

Plus a holiday chef cookout you won't want to miss.

38 Degrees, Monrovia
38 Degrees, Monrovia

38 Degrees expands to Monrovia

There's more craft beer coming still, thanks to the 38 Degrees expansion out in Monrovia. The space just opened last week to a line out the door, and is already cooking up food, tapping rare beer kegs, and showing football on weekends.

Tastemade lands another round of funding

The Santa Monica-based video app has gone multi-platform, with many millions of views on YouTube and loads of business relationships with folks like Snapchat and Apple. Now they've pulled in another $40 million in funding, meaning there's more wiggle room for sponsored restaurant videos and everything just about anything else they feel like doing.

Firestone Walker Venice is ever-so-close

Here's a peek inside the mostly still-wrapped Venice outlet of Firestone Walker, which is now promising an early 2016 arrival (no official opening date just yet).

Is The Old Place LA's weirdest steakhouse?

LA Weekly files one on the Santa Monica Mountains oddity, which has thrived despite the unusual location and quirky vibe. Frankly the place looks really fun, and doesn't seem to have changed much at all since the 1970's when it first opened. Of course, the prices have gone up, but more than anything you're paying for the experience here.

Take a look at Copenhagen Pastry

The LA Times gets in deep with the LA pastry shop, which enjoys a Westside location as well as an outlet in Pasadena. They talk to owner Karen Hansen about her time growing up south of Copenhagen in Denmark, making marzipan by hand, and how Noma has helped raise awareness for Danish cooking overall.

Life & Thyme's holiday chef potluck

Here's a fun, nondenominational video from the Life & Thyme folks, showing chefs like David LeFevre, Bruce Kalman, and Hedy Goldsmith working up a feast for one another. There's grilling, hot pot action from Chris Oh, and lots more to enjoy.

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