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You Probably Got Your Phone Stolen at The Abbey, and More A.M. News

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Plus ice cream, tasting menus, and a return to Faith & Flower.

Necco, Brentwood
Necco, Brentwood

Great South Bay eats

LA Weekly chats with Anne Conness, the chef behind newcomer Sausal in El Segundo., on some of her favorite (primarily) South Bay eats. Farmstand gets a shout-out, as does longtime favorite El Segundo Brewing.

Your cell phones are now safe at The Abbey

Got your iPhone snatched at The Abbey recently? Well, they may have caught the guy who has it. Per Wehoville, a serial phone thief has been apprehended red-handed holding four phones belonging to others. What's more, the piece says that since the beginning of the year there have been 159 (!!!) phones stolen from The Abbey.

Sprudge makes for Endorffeine

Chinatown's most celebrated new coffee shop gets some more media love, this time from coffee publication Sprudge. Calling the shop anything but corporate, Sprudge falls in love with the downplayed decor and hardworking Jack Benchakul who works the bar.

Stephane Bombet is already back in the fold at Faith & Flower

Just days after the news that Coastal Luxury Management would be pulling out of the Downtown restaurant Faith & Flower following a protracted legal battle, restaurateur Bombet is back inside, snapping photos and (rumor has it) working on bringing in a new chef.

Even more ice cream, apparently

Another day, another ice cream shop. This time it's Chelo Creamery in Rowland Heights. LAist uncovered the gem, which is doing a very particular kind of ice cream roll that's popular in Thailand. There are oddball flavors like durian coconut on offer, and the process of making each roll — it's sort of crepe-like, actually — is its own sort of sweet reward.

Necco’s January tasting menu in West LA

Here’s a meal you don’t see every day: Necco in West LA is doing an Osechi-ryori New Years dinner throughout the month of January. That means a handful of vegetable-focused small plates, each with a thematic focus on things like prosperity and fertility. The menu runs $40 per person, but is not entirely meat-free.

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