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Curtis Stone Cooks Live on Facebook, Chinatown's Best Chinese Food, and More A.M. News

Plus Founders Brewing comes to L.A. in a big way.

CBS Seafood, Chinatown
CBS Seafood, Chinatown

Watch Curtis Stone cook live

The popular Maude chef is taking to Facebook's new live video platform to make a user-submitted recipe on his Facebook page. Apparently there's still time to submit your own recipes directly, using the hashtag #FBBakeOff. Otherwise, Stone goes live at 10 a.m.

Sang Yoon plays hockey. Like, a lot.

Seriously, who knew? The beloved Father's Office/Lukshon chef talks all things hockey in this profile from the Wall Street Journal, saying that being on the ice is a meditative bit of release for him following a six-day work week spent testing recipes. Bonus: his team's name is The Red Menace.

What is Chinatown's best Chinese restaurant?

Granted, Chinatown hasn't been the cultural or culinary center of LA's prodigious Chinese scene for decades, but it's still worth asking what the best Chinese restaurant is in that stretch of town. According to David Chan, the iconic eater who's chronicled thousands of Chinese restaurants around town, the answer may well be CBS Seafood, an offshoot of the long-running ABC Seafood that was founded by some dispirited waiters who joined together after leaving the original.

Wes Avila is hard at work on the upcoming Guerilla Tacos book

Just don't zoom in too closely to this Instagram photo he posted, or you'll end up with a recipe or two (maybe). And then Avila would (maybe) have to kill you.

Working on the #GUERRILLATACOS book.

A photo posted by Wesley Avila (@djwes) on

Somebody loves the Button Mash burger

LA Weekly pens an ode to Nguyen Tran's newest creation at the Echo Park arcade bar spot Button Mash. The double-beef patty is based on some LA classics like Bill's Hamburgers in Van Nuys, and its a far cry from the fancy cheese and gourmet grind of lots of other places in town. It's also delicious, says the Weekly.

Founders Brewing comes to Southern California

No, they aren't moving production here, just selling their bottles and cans. One of the largest production breweries in the U.S. and a Midwestern staple, Founders is soon to hip tap handles and bottle shops citywide, reports the LA Times.

Sad, sad closures

A few end-of-year closures make this Thrillist list of dearly departed bars and restaurants from 2015. Dominick's is on there, having just shuffled off last weekend, alongside the likes of Littlefork in Hollywood and dive bar staple Bar 107 in Downtown.

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