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The Cosmo Nightclub Down For The Count and Up For Grabs in Hollywood

Are you the next nightlife maven?

The Cosmo
The Cosmo
Elizabeth Daniels

The Cosmo, the Gothic nightclub on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Cosmo Street that opened back in 2013, has ended its two year run and is officially up for grabs. The tiny 2,907 square foot venue is going for $888,000 with a current $12,374 per month lease that expires in May 2017.

The club is located in the heart of Hollywood nightlife, what with Warwick, AV, and Avalon within a few block radius. Still, even though the venue comes with a Type 48 liquor license and snazzy sound and lighting systems, it's easy to see why a 170-person capacity club would have difficulty squeezing by.

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