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Jeremy Fall Does Cocktails and Late Night Breakfast Food at Nighthawk in Hollywood

It's everything you could want on your night out.

Jeremy Fall knows nightlife. As such, the impresario gets the notion that there is nothing better than digging into a plate of breakfast food after a night of taking in a few too many well crafted cocktails. Enter Nighthawk, Fall's newest Hollywood concept, which offers late-night breakfast fare and a curated list of quality drinks.

Nighthawk will take over The Parlour on Las Palmas, the former event venue for Sadie Kitchen, and transform the space into a cozy 80-person affair meant to offer a more intimate experience unique to the Hollywood nightlife scene. The late-night menu isn't simply straightforward diner fare: Fall worked closely with Spago alum Greg Schroeppel to develop a breakfast menu of egg-centric dishes intended to pair well with cocktails that come by way of Gio Martinez, former beverage director of Fig & Olive.

When asked about the inspiration for the concept, Fall explained, "Breakfast is such an iconic staple in American culture and hospitality: it's a social activity where people actually congregate authentically and have conversations that aren't forced by the societal pressures of going out at night. I wanted to take those comforting and familiar elements and rewrite them into nightlife." In vintage Fall fashion, that means excellent cocktails and a rotation of DJs spinning throughout the night.

Nighthawk is expected to open January 15, and will run Friday and Saturdays from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Those who can't wait to experience Nighthawk or Fall's impending Genesis can get their nightlife fix at Golden Box in the meantime.

1638 N Las Palmas
Los Angeles, CA 90028