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Chengdu Taste's Mian Opening Shortly, and More News from the SGV

Plus, Shandong Dumpling House adds to current Chinese cuisine explosion in Old Town Pasadena.

And now, a semi-regular update from San Gabriel Valley's vibrant restaurant scene:

Rosemead: Shanghai No. 1 has opened a second outfit, Sichuan No 1, which soft opened two weeks ago at the old Hunan Seafood location. A Li Shan restaurant, which succeeded Hunan Seafood, lost the liquor license, and Sichuan No. 1 is applying for a brand new beer and wine license. Look for a fanciful Sichuan inspired interior in line with the gaudy Shanghai No. 1 decor. 8772 E. Valley Blvd

Mian, Sichuan No 1, Taihei, Xian Tasty

San Gabriel: Tony Xu writes to say Mian is due to open this week pending final inspection after weeks of trying to meet the changes required by the last inspection. 301 W Valley Blvd #114-115

San Gabriel: West SGV has a new craft spirit / wine house. Uncle Fossil Wine and Spirit stocks many of the in-demand craft beer (though selection is nearly not as large as Plaza Market) and the wide hard liquor selection as well as the wine offerings are much appreciated in an area where quality cocktail bars are mostly lacking. 300 E Las Tunas Dr

Mian, Sichuan No 1, Taihei, Xian Tasty

Monterey Park: Xi An Tasty has taken over ELP Wok and the internet buzz regarding the Shaanxi menu (think: biang bian mian, hand made beef noodles, Chinese hamburgers, etc.) has been largely positive. ELP Wok didn't make it through a year. 127 N Garfield Ave Ste Y

Mian, Sichuan No 1, Taihei, Xian Tasty

Monterey Park: The old-timey Japanese restaurant Taihei has been sold, and the new owners will take over after 16 years of original ownership. Taihai is one of the few remaining restaurants in Monterey Park where Nisei Japanese still regularly visit. Per the ABC application, the restaurant name will not change. 2195 S Garfield Ave

Pasadena: Valley Blvd's Shandong Dumpling House (Which is NOT the same as Shanghai Dumplings) has opened a branch in Pasadena. With Little Sheep, Green Zone and Boiling Point all recently opened, the SGV invasion of Old Town seems to not have lost any steam in 2015. 87 N. Fair Oaks Ave