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What’s Up With all the New Movement at Twin Palms in Pasadena?

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No one's talking.

Twin Palms, Pasadena
Twin Palms, Pasadena
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Remember when Twin Palms in Pasadena closed, and then reopened, only to close again not long after? It’s been quite the rollercoaster for the past decade or so over at the address on Green Street, but a sharp-sighted tipster says there’s movement happening inside once again.

What exactly that means, though, is anyone’s guess.

One tantalizing tidbit: this CUP paperwork via the city of Pasadena. A public meeting for approval was held on Wednesday, December 2, wherein one Jack Guiragosian was hoping for full beer, wine, and spirits sales on site, in addition to some interior alterations to the place. Remember, the so-named Twin Palms had something of a great reputation for its double-treed patio and nice interior already, but who’s to say what Guiragosian might have planned for the space.

As for who the CUP applicant, Guiragosian, actually is? Well, he could be one of the former co-owners of the short-lived Ritual Supper Club in Hollywood, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Otherwise, no news, so add this one to the question mark pile beside the former Haven Gastropub not far away (though rumor has it that space is going retail).

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