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Watch Two New Chinatown Chefs Discuss Their Place in the Changing Neighborhood

What it means to maybe be a 'gentrifier'.

You've heard the warning call for more than a year now: Chinatown is changing. But, as Andy Ricker of the new Pok Pok will tell you, being an early adopter can sometimes make you a tightrope walker, balancing between low rents or prime real estate and the needs of a given community.

In this video vignette about Chinatown's ongoing power struggle, writer Clara Ritger talks to the owners of Little Jewel of New Orleans and Chimney Coffee House about what it means to be in the heart of the neighborhood, right at this very moment. It's a pretty poignant discussion about so-called gentrification, the fight to bring quality food to anyone who wants it, and the importance of price.

Take a look. At just under 15 minutes the video's a bit long if you're watching at work, but there's a lot to unpack inside.

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