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AYCE Suppers at Santa Monica’s The Roost at LA Farm, Cassoulet Night at Lucques

And beer and cheese deliciousness at Milkfarm.

The Roost at LA Farm
The Roost at LA Farm
The Roost at LA Farm

SANTA MONICA— Never seem to get full with prix fixe menus? Santa Monica's The Roost at LA Farm is making sure everyone gets his or her fill with its new Farmhouse Supper series. Starting today and continuing every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, The Roost will offer 3 courses for $38 per person, with the ability to eat as much as your heart desires. Chow down on dishes like gnocchi Bolognese and seafood risotto until you can't anymore. More information here.

WEST HOLLYWOOD— Lucques will be throwing its 12th annual cassoulet night on Sunday, March 1. Enjoy a supper of Southern French fare, with a menu of salad of young greens and Gabriel Coulet Roquefort, Cassoulet de Maison with duck confit and white beans, and Gascon almond cake with roasted apples. Tickets can be purchased at 323-656-6277 and are $55 per person, or $35 to go.

EAGLE ROCK— Milkfarm will host a beer and cheese pairing with Allagash Brewing Co. on Sunday, March 1 from 5 to 7 p.m. Tickets are $40 and include four beers with their corresponding cheeses. Call 323-892-1068 for tickets.