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Affordable Cafeteria Urban Plates Added to The Runway at Playa Vista

Playa Vista's The Runway gets economical with the upcoming addition of Urban Plates

Runway Playa Vista Facebook

Playa Vista is burgeoning with so many exciting eateries for the near future. To add to The Runway at Playa Vista, Del Mar's Urban Plates will open an expansion inside the new Westside project. Their mission is "that people should not be forced to make compromises about how they feed themselves and their families." Think of a mash between Tender Greens and Lemonade.

Lead into a cafeteria-style line, diners pick from menu items like hand tossed salads, including a Grilled Urban Steak Salad with lettuce blend, grilled urban steak, pineapple-mango salsa, jicama, mint, coconut roasted cashews, mild jalapeno lime dressing for $10.50.

Other options include hand carved sandwiches and $5 Urban pizettes, with options like Portobello & Pesto with goat cheese, roasted portobello mushroom, grilled zucchini, slow roasted tomatoes, arugula and pesto. Hand carved entrée plates and slow cooked braises and stews are also available. Guzzle it all down with local craft beers for $5.50 or an orange, carrot, and ginger Replenisher. Urban Plates puts out "farm to plate, and won't break the bank." Check out their website for more info on their menu and prices.

In addition, construction for The Runway at Playa Vista anticipates completion in a couple of months with Cinemark announcing it will open its state-of-the-art theaters on March 12.