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Roy Choi Unveils the Hawaiian Edition of A-Frame

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Roy Choi goes full-on with an elevated Hawaiian concept at A-Frame.

Roy Choi's been busy expanding his empire, even putting much of his outward energy toward developing Loco'L with Daniel Patterson, but that doesn't mean he's leaving his other projects in the dust. A-Frame, which had been a Culver City darling when it opened a few years ago, needed a little bit of re-jiggering to give it new life.

Over the past few months, Choi and chef de cuisine Johnny Yoo have been slowly transforming the menu to reflect a complete Hawaiian aesthetic, adding dishes like loco moco and hush puppies to the menu. Of course, things get their requisite twist, so the loco moco comes with Japanese green curry gravy.

As for drinks, cocktails are now fully Tiki-fied, though don't be surprised to find tallboy cans of Primo beer on the list. What is is different in the decor, which was put together by Choi, Eric Junker, and owner David Reiss? Well it's subtle, but new wall murals, neon signs, custom wood skateboard decks, and more. Take a look around, and check out Choi (and Yoo's) latest creations at this Culver City hangout.


12565 West Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90066

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