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The Best Dish in LA You're Missing: Kris Tominaga's Rabbit Meatballs

The most popular hor d'ouerves at Santa Monica's Cadet, this dish features Tominaga's famous biscuit from the Hart + The Hunter

The one dish that diners probably pined for the most at The Hart + The Hunter was Kris Tominaga's mind-blowing biscuits, which Jonathan Gold proclaimed as "pretty extraordinary." Those biscuits show up in what's already Cadet's most popular appetizer: rabbit meatballs. Some pundits have even declared these meatballs (and accompanying biscuits) to be one of the best dishes in Los Angeles right now.

First, those fantastic biscuits, which come laden with butter and cream (not even buttermilk), then chopped herbs. The rabbits are broken down in-house and ground twice, for better texture, a trick Tominaga learned from burger man Weinstein. The meatballs are then seasoned, rolled, and fried over butter while the biscuits hit the oven.

They're done at the same time, and plated beautifully with micro greens. Oh, and that majestic sauce that binds the two? That's essentially a rabbit stock cooked with mirepoix, herbs, garlic, and cream to create a milky sauce that completes the dish.


2518 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403 (310) 828-3300

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