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Yellowtail Sunset and NIGHT + MARKET Song Drop Last Min Valentine's Day Options

And Fogo de Chao Downtown offers Light Lunch for quick lunch breaks.

Yellowtail Sunset
Yellowtail Sunset
Elizabeth Daniels

WEST HOLLYWOOD— Yellowtail Sunset just launched a special Valentine's Day tasting menu for last minute diners. The $75 dinner includes a whopping 10 courses of both cooked and raw plates. Full menu below. Remarkably, there are still tables at 7:30 p.m., 9:30 pm., and afterwards until closing.

SILVER LAKE— While NIGHT + MARKET Song typically operates on a first come, first served basis, they are accepting a few reservations for Valentine's Day. Washing down fried chicken sandwiches with a bottle of bubbly is certainly one of the best ways to celebrate the holiday. Email them here or call 323-665-5899.

DOWNTOWN— Fogo de Chao is offering downtown lunchers a new Light Lunch option, making the typically leisurely dining experience a little more approachable for quick lunch breaks. Diners are able to take unlimited trips to the Market Table with the option to add one protein. Not a bad way to get out of the office.

YellowTail Sunset

Valentine's Day Tasting Menu $75

Mul Huey

Squid, Tuna, Cabbage, Asian Pear, cucumber, Apple Kochujang Base, and sesame oil

Stuffed Squid with Quinoa Rissotte

Squid, Tofu, Quinoa, Pea Puree, Pickled Red Onion, Negi, Jalapeno, and New Zealand Spinich

Hamachi Ceviche

Hamachi, Yuzu Pearls, Yuzu tobiko, Micro Shiso, Micro Bull's Blood, Crispy Shallots, and Tomato water Ponzu.


Porchetta, Nori Strips, Serrano, Pickled cucumber, Dry Miso, and Mushroom Onion Broth

Lychee Ginger Sphere

Salmon Caviar

Salmon, cilantro, onion, beets, serrano, caviar, and Garlic Yuzu sauce


Seabass, root veg, yuzu foam, spinach basil dashi, and erengi mushroom pickles

Sushi Plate (only sushi, no rolls)


Flat Iron steak

Flat iron steak, edamame puree, smashed sweet potato, truffle powder, crispy quinoa, & hearts on fire.

Valentine's Dessert

Strawberry macaroons, chocolate mousse mini tartlet, champagne sorbet, and white chocolate rose petals.