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Boyle Heights Bakery Legend La Mascota Up For Sale

The Whittier Blvd. staple has been in the same location since 1952.

Uh oh. East L.A. is losing a legend, apparently, as La Mascota is put up for sale. The longtime Boyle Heights spot on Whittier Boulevard has for ages been known as a great place to stop in for sweet treats and award-winning tamales, practically since it opened in 1952.

Per this real estate listing, the pan dulce and pasteles spot comes as a pretty turnkey sale. There’s the cafe of course, as well as a walk-up portico area and some serious baking and kitchen space. Add on the ample parking in the back, and it’s hard to imagine this locating staying down for long.

It’s always tough to endure the departure of a longtime legend like La Mascota, but the loss seems especially hard-hitting in Boyle Heights, where the battle for old icons is currently brushing up against a new wave of development. Regardless of the outcome, it’s a sad day for Boyle Heights, though it’s worth noting that La Mascota is currently still operational (who knows when a sale will go through) so stop in one more time for some pan dulce and a tamale or two.

La Mascota
2715 Whittier Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

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