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Sopita Ramen Wants to Lure You to Koreatown With $2 Ramen

Yep, it's that cheap.

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Well here’s a deal that’s hard to pass up: $1.99 shim ramen. It’s currently going down at Sopita Ramen, a Korean-Latin fusion spot on the western edges of Koreatown.

The former little-known Smoke Star BBQ space (a there-and-gone-again brisket and ribs operation that shuttered in 2013) now sits as the home of Sopita, relying on simple bar seating and a menu that’s just six options long. The majority of the ambiance comes from some pretty great movie posters hung on the wall, though it should be noted that phone charging stations built into the dining experience is a plus. It’s also a trend that seems to be gaining some momentum.

Sopita’s focused menu includes a “pollo ramen,” Spam ramen, and of course that $1.99 shin option. How’s the price stay so low? Let’s just say they aren’t exactly making their instant noodle in house (though the broth base supposedly is).

As a sub-$10 lunch option for the many office workers in the area, it seems one could do worse than Sopita. And judging by the early reviews on Yelp, the lunchtime crowds are already on their way.

Sopita Ramen
3087 W. Pico Blvd., Ste. 9
Los Angeles, CA 90006

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