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Santa Monica's 12 Twelve Bringing Some Serious Global Flavors to Former Monsoon

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The Third Street Promenade space hopes for a summer opening.

It’s been a long, slow goodbye for Third Street Promenade’s Monsoon, the Bali-inspired sushi joint that washed away back in January. At the time, not much was known about the inbound option for the colorful space, but new details have since emerged.

Toddrickallen, as always on the Westside case, says that a redundantly-named concept called 12 Twelve is set for the location. The idea is to feature cuisines from a dozen countries around the world (though the specifics there aren’t indicated), making it potentially the most fusion-y idea in the city.

Given the address of the space (1212 3rd St. Promenade), it would have seemed that the name was a fun take on the address, but apparently not. Here’s to hoping the folks that bought the former Monsoon didn’t base their entire restaurant premise off of a street address. Either way, expect a summer debut, says Toddrickallen.

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