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Chianina Shucks $1.50 Oysters, Kristen Bell Reveals Her Favorite Pizza in LA

And Culver City’s Bar & Garden offers a Greek wine and wild game pairing.

Elizabeth Daniels

LONG BEACH— Long Beach's fine dining gem Chianina is kicking off a Bubbles & Shells special, pairing $7 sparkling wines with $1.50 oysters and baked clams. Available every Thursday from 5 p.m. to 12 a.m., it is quite the affordable luxury.

LOS FELIZ— Actress Kristen Bell tells Food & Wine that her favorite pizza place in LA is Lucifers. Bell explains, "you can order a pie that's so spicy, you'll feel it for 48 hours."

CULVER CITY— Bar & Garden is putting a twist on its weekly Tuesday tastings on February 24 with a Greek wine and wild game pairing menu. Dishes like Antelope Sausage served on a cheesy bun and Alligator Tacos with tangerine chutney and ginger aioli come by way of the Fair Game truck, and are paired with a unique selection of Greek wines.