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Stabbing at Gold Room Proves Echo Park Still Has Some Grit

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The longtime dive hasn't lost that magic yet.

Gold Room, Echo Park
Gold Room, Echo Park
Farley Elliott

Good on ya, Gold Room. Apparently Echo Park hasn’t yet turned completely into the upscale neighborhood idyll that it has long been on its way to becoming, because despite the revitalized lake nearby and recent introduction of great new restaurants, it is still possible to get stabbed at the popular drink spot.

Not that the occasional bout of attempted murder at Gold Room should surprise anyone. After all, it’s perhaps the neighborhood’s last remaining true dive bar, with its cheap shot-and-a-beer approach. Gold Room, despite years of local transformation and the arrival of local drink spots like Mohawk Bend, has tirelessly held onto its clientele — some of whom carry around knives and don’t mind stabbing people.

As LAist notes, the whole thing went down late last night / early this morning. You know the drill: someone said something, somebody else responded, then one of those two people pulled out a knife and stabbed the other. It's a classic tale, really.

Apparently, the overly knife-y person was soon apprehended, at least. And with that sort of quick police response time, it just goes to show you: Echo Park still has some of its character.

Gold Room

1558 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026 (213) 482-5259

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