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Santa Monica Adds Another Health Food Option with eLOVate

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The city is crushing itself under piles of quinoa.

When Santa Monica finally snaps off into the Pacific Ocean and floats away, it won’t be because of a giant earthquake: the seaside city is faltering under the weight of its own health food restaurants.

The latest to bog down the dining scene there is eLOVate, an incoming concept first spotted by Toddrickallen. It’s pushing into a mixed-use storefront (shocker) on Ocean Avenue, just blocks from the pier and, judging by the imagery they’ve put up, guests should expect quinoa-laced avocado slices wrapped in lettuce. Yeah, its that kinda place.

Offering a Spring 2015 arrival date, eLOVate apparently isn’t waiting long to healthify the area. One good thing: they’re hoping for an on-site 47 ABC license, so boozy drinks are forthcoming.

1705 Ocean Ave.
Santa Monica, CA