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Commissary Now Brewing Fine Roasted Coffee in Palms

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A much needed all-day coffee bar lands in Palms

Tyler King has a knack for opening coffee bars in places that never knew how much it needed one. And his latest rendition soft opened last week in a new development in Palms along Motor Avenue. Coffee Commissary now offers house-made pastries and baked goods along with a rotating selection of top-grade roasters, including Portland's Coava and Seattle's Victrola. Expect some other up-and-coming roasters to hit the hoppers as well, like Oakland's Nordic-inclined Supersonic.

Those wanting something a little more substantial in the way of food can anticipate regular stops from the Free Range LA truck, in which King has partnered.

This expansion location might be one of the most laptop-friendly places in Los Angeles, with outlets galore and speedy WiFi. order up a cappuccino, or perhaps a swell pourover coffee, and hang out a bit. This is Commissary's fourth spot, after outlets in Fairfax, Hollywood in Siren Studios, and Burbank.

Coffee Commissary
3425 Motor Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90034

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