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Twain's in Studio City Isn't Coming Back from the Dead Any Time Soon

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A "two week remodel" has stretched on for months.

Twain's Restaurant

Consider this a Classics Week miss. Twain’s Restaurant, the longtime Studio City diner with that well-known swooping frontage, went down last year for the dreaded overhaul, apparently never to return. It’s a sad state of affairs for the once-popular restaurant from the 1960's, which used to do a pretty brisk weekend breakfast business.

It’s really a shame that Twain’s had to even hint at a remodel in the first place; the long faux wood countertops, stainless steel everything, and heavy ceramic plates are pure nostalgia, and with the success of places like Pann’s, it’s hard to imagine why Twain’s couldn’t hold on.

Perhaps as a city, Los Angeles is slowly moving beyond simple steamed vegetables and chicken fried steaks. There was no denying the simple joy of a stack of Twain’s pancakes though.

Any info on what happened to Twain’s, or if ownership ever really planned on revamping the space? Hit the tip line, or just share your sad stories of another city diner gone by in the comments.

Twain's Restaurant

12905 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604 (818) 760-9577 Visit Website

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