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Watch Faith & Flower's Michael Hung Revel in Glorious Gluttony Around LA

It's all about foie and bottles for chef Michael Hung and the Coastal Luxury Management team.

It's been quite the year for the Faith & Flower team, who racked in accolade after accolade in 2014. On this week's edition of Chef's Night Out, Michael Hung and a crew of friends including Faith & Flower partners David Bernahl and Stephane Bombet along with Video Interlude cheflebrity Chris Oh take a well deserved night off, plowing through a ton of food along the way.

The lavish festivities include mountains of foie gras and vintage champagne at Terrine, Union, Pour Vous, and, of course, Faith & Flower.

Check out the delicious display of conspicuous consumption here.

Faith & Flower

705 W 9th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015 213-239-0642