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Lakers Star Jeremy Lin Hits Honey Pig After Standout Game at Staples Center

Apparently celebrities just can’t get enough of Korean barbeque.

Jeremy Lin at Honey Pig
Jeremy Lin at Honey Pig

It was a huge win for the Lakers last night, who beat the Celtics 118 to 111. After leading the game with 25 points and 6 assists, Jeremy Lin turned up not with bottles and models, but with a whole lot of Korean barbeque.

The Harvard grad-turned-Lakers star who spread Linsanity across the nation chose Honey Pig as his Korean barbeque of choice, enjoying a griddle full of meat and kimchi fried rice with his family. It seems celebrities just can't get enough of Korean barbeque these days, with a recent Eater sighting of Brad Pitt at Soot Bull Jeep.

If you want to dine like a celebrity, check out some of the best KBBQ spots in the city here.

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