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Pieology Inches Closer to L.A. Pizza Dominance With New Culver City Operation

The prime locale soft-opened last week.

Pieology Culver City
Pieology Culver City
Pieology Pizzeria

Just when you thought Los Angeles had reached max quick-service pizza, along comes the first L.A. outpost of Pieology Pizzeria, right in the heart of Culver City on the corner of Bagley and Culver Blvd., adjacent from the Culver Hotel.

The fast casual pizza chain was born not long ago out of Fullerton, where a location near the CSU campus there allowed for some seriously rapid growth from owner Carl Chang. Fast forward a few years and Pieology Pizzerias now exist in 10 states and all over California. This new Culver City location, however, is the first to hit close to the heart of L.A. (others exist in places like Carson, Azusa, Pasadena and Encino).

Perhaps the biggest hook at Pieology is its ‘pay one price’ model, which lets diners select from a wide array of sauces, cheeses, and meats, all for the same price. It’s a suitable sub-$10 meal for sure, with simple green and caesar salads rounding out the tight menu. Vegan and gluten-free kids can rejoice with Daiya cheese and gluten-free crusts as well. It’s all done Chipotle-style, with prepped ingredients sitting in metal tubs along a wide prep counter until they’re needed.

This isn’t the only stab at the heart of L.A. proper, though. Upcoming locations will continue to encircle the city, while a Wilshire Blvd stop will hit right in the middle of Koreatown soon. Can they take over in a serious way, or will the city's love for 800 Degrees keep them at bay? Also, how much pizza is everyone eating?!

3815 Bagley Ave.
Culver City, CA

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