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Old Pasadena Happy Hour Week Is Trying to Get You Drunk

The discounted drinking goes down from March 1 to March 14.

Meat District Co. in Old Pasadena
Meat District Co. in Old Pasadena
Elizabeth Daniels

Beginning this Sunday and running through March 14, Pasadena is going to get rip roarin’ drunk. Well, not exactly, but it is going to be Old Pasadena Happy Hour Week.

For anyone counting on their fingers and toes: yes, Old Pasadena Happy Hour Week is actually two weeks long. But that’s all the more reason to celebrate! Bars throughout the neighborhood plan on extending hours, dropping prices even further, and pairing one-off dishes with whatever drink happens to be the special of the day. The Blind Donkey will be chopping the price of their burger and fries to just $6, and Dog Haus Biergarten is doing a $5 beer of the day, all day, every day, for two weeks.

Other participating restaurants include Barney’s Beanery, Bar Celona, La Grande Orange, Nikka Fish Grill, IX Tapa Cantina, Meat District Co. and Vertical Wine Bistro, among others. For full details and participation restaurants and bars, head this way.

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