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Cryptic Eatery Estate 1519 Destined For Santa Monica's The Parlor

The restaurant will take over a long-vacant spot on 1519 Wilshire Blvd.

Estate 1519
Estate 1519

A vacant two-story space at 1519 Wilshire in Santa Monica has been papered up for about five years now. Today, Toddrickallen reports that construction is underway at the old The Parlor spot, with an ABC license on the wall announcing applicant Estate 1519 Inc.'s intention to sell alcoholic beverages.

While "Estate 1519" is likely just a working name yet to file a D.B.A., there's no word yet on what the final name or concept will be. Hopefully the new restaurant and bar will fare better than The Parlor, which closed in 2010 and moved to West Hollywood due to zoning issues. Developing...