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Gordon Ramsay's Last Restaurant in L.A. Just Closed

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The namesake eatery inside The London West Hollywood has been quietly killed off.

The London West Hollywood

Gordon Ramsay’s run in Los Angeles is no more. The well-known angry haircut turned off the lights on his namesake West Hollywood restaurant earlier this month, ending an eight year stint inside The London hotel.

Per Zagat, the quiet Gordon Ramsay (the restaurant) dismantling was the simple result of a contractual agreement that had run its course, rather than something more nefarious. Lest we forget, the last restaurant that Ramsay (the man) ran in Los Angeles burned away in a fire of lawsuits and name-calling.

As of now, the former restaurant space inside The London West Hollywood has been reimagined as Boxwood, which shares its name with the more downmarket daytime cafe on site. Chef Anthony Keene is still at the helm, apparently, with no official word on an eventual change of concept, or even change of menu.

Update: Ramsay's people reached out, with the following statement:

“We've made the decision to bring our agreement with The London, West Hollywood, to a close with the last serving at Gordon Ramsay restaurant having been February 14th.   It was an eight year partnership including an extension we granted during the change in ownership of the hotel.  We’d like to thank the team at The London and wish them the best for the future.”

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Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood

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