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Is USC-Adjacent 901 Bar & Grill Getting Flushed for Another Mixed Use Development?

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The longtime drink spot chases its lineage back to 1947.

901 Bar & Grill

When will it end? Another downtown-adjacent drink spot seems set for the the scrap heap after developers swoop in for the kill. This time, there’s a USC connection.

901 Bar & Grill on S. Figueroa has been serving the University Park neighborhood since 1947, shelling out cheap waffle fries and 2-for-1 drink deals every single day of the week. Between sports packages for every professional league and college football game day viewings, 901 Bar had established itself as a go-to for (mostly) kids in the area wanting to relax, eat greasy food, and drink for cheap. You know, a college bar.

Last week, the LA Business Journal noted that it’s all about to change following a sale of the property by real estate investment firm Jade Enterprises, which totally sounds like the kind of innocuously-named megabusiness that covers up the financial tracks of a supervillain somewhere. Though terms of the deal remain locked in a vault somewhere, it is known that this is the first sale of the property in more than 40 years.

LA Business Journal isn’t high on the idea that 901 Bar & Grill can last, noting that it’s "in the path of a great deal of redevelopment." Well said. Though no official plans for the site have leaked as of yet, it’s generally safe to assume some sort of mixed-use facility with a Quizno’s at the bottom. There’s always a Quizno’s at the bottom.

901 Bar & Grill

2902 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90007 (213) 745-7900 Visit Website

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