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Neal and Amy Fraser's Donut and Coffee Shop ICDC is Coming Along Nicely

The sweets and coffee shop is being put together with pasty chef Mariah Swan.

Mariah Swan

It looks like there’s finally some movement inside ICDC, the Beverly Blvd. offshoot of popular brunch house bld. The acronymous eatery (which stands for Ice Cream, Doughnuts & Coffee) has been in the works since at least 2012, but now looks to be closer than ever.

The brainchild of Neal and Amy Knoll Fraser alongside longtime pastry chef Mariah Swan, ICDC first started going under the knife back in September, but little has been heard since then. Above now is a look from Swan’s own Instagram account, which details (among all those sweets) the work being done on the tiny shop space. Walls are up, sans paint, as well as some countertop action and kitchen details like a stainless steel hood.

It’s certainly not glamorous, but this raw look into the future of ICDC is all that the city has to tide itself over at the moment.

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