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Sushi Land Glendale Closed After a Car Landed in the Dining Room

Someone must have had a serious hankering for conveyer belt sushi.

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Sushi Land
Sushi Land

Last night, a car jumped the curb and crashed into Glendale's Marinepolis Sushi Land. The Seattle-based restaurant opened back in August, serving Americana at Brand shoppers and denizens of Glendale $1-3 plates of kaiten sushi.

Although conveyer belt sushi deservedly has a pretty bad rap, people seem to be enjoying the restaurant, which, according to Yelp, seems to be faring better than Hollywood's Blue C Sushi, another conveyor belt sushi concept from Seattle.

We hope no one was injured in the accident and that the driver got his fill of spicy tuna rolls.

sushi land

116 S Maryland, Glendale, CA (818) 543-0200