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Jimmy Fallon Loves LA So Much He Catapulted Himself Through the Randy's Donuts Hole

The Tonight Show host fulfills a lifelong dream.

Randy’s Donuts is about as iconic a food destination as there ever has been. The big looming doughnut that sits on top has been welcoming in LAX arrivals for generations, and has been featured in countless background shots of movies, TV shows and rap videos.

Now Jimmy Fallon is getting in on the action. The longtime East Coaster has fully embraced Los Angeles after landing as the Tonight Show host, and he recently took his fascination with the City of Angels (and Randy’s Donuts in particular) to new, err, heights by trampolining though the big hole in the middle of the doughnut itself.

Well, it was an inflated mock-up of the Randy’s Donut (legal and safety reasons, blah blah blah) but you get the idea. Backed by a drumroll from Questlove, it’s smooth sailing all the way.

Randy's Donuts

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