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Status Kuo Slings Brunch, Lucky Peach Goes Inside Myung In Dumplings

And Taste of Pace Catering hosts a singles dinner party.

Status Kuo
Status Kuo
Elizabeth Daniels

MAR VISTA— David Kuo's neighborhood rotisserie joint Status Kuo is now offering an expansive brunch menu with twists on brunch classics. Think squid ink bread French toast, breakfast burgers, and chilaquiles omelets. The action happens Saturday and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

KOREATOWN— David Chang's quarterly culinary journal Lucky Peach dives deep into Koreatown's Myung In Dumplings. The dumpling shop, made famous by Anthony Bourdain when he stopped in on Parts Unknown, specializes in wang mandu, a large Korean-Chinese hybrid of fluffy, meat-filled balls.

ARTS DISTRICT— For those looking to do something special this Valentine's Day but don't have a special someone, Taste of Pace Catering is throwing a singles dinner party at Apartment A. Tickets are $125 each for a menu that includes dishes like herb burrata, oxtail gnocchi, and lamb osso bucco. Email for more information.